When is renaissance fair?

Information on Renaissance Fairs and Festivals  season Information on Renaissance Fairs and Festivals By the way, the names faire and festival mean the same thing, it's just a matter of style. And when a ticket says that there is an important fair, that means that more than 100,000 people attend it every time it is held. The underlined name of each trade show is a link to their website for any additional information you may need. Ozarks Renaissance Fair April - 10 a.m.

Visitors can enjoy staged performances and crowds of actors who portray historical figures. It's not uncommon to see people dressed in costume for the Renaissance Fair. Visitors are encouraged to carry weapons that are peace-bonded, and costumes are also available for purchase at the event. Costumed guests are referred to as playtrons, a portmanteau of patron and player.

Escondido Renaissance Fair

The Escondido Renaissance Fair is a popular event in the Southern California region a form of entertainment . This event is held twice each year, usually the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May. It also takes place in the fall on the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November. It is held in the town of Escondido in San Diego County.

If you're looking for a Renaissance Fair in your area, check out the website Renaissance Fair. You can find a listing of fairs by state and the dates they take place. Many Renaissance festivals are also listed online with links to their websites. A great way to learn about history and culture is to check out the various Renaissance fairs.

While this Faire is a family-friendly event, it is important that you behave appropriately. Visitors should always be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children under thirteen must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Visitors who don't follow this rule will be asked to leave the Faire.

New York Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire is a historic event that is one of the world's premier Renaissance festivals. This annual event is held in Tuxedo, New York off State Route 17A. The Faire is celebrating its 45th season in 2022, and is comprised of 65 acres of permanent structures, twenty stages, and more than 100 shops.

You can find different themed events and activities every weekend at the New York Renaissance Faire. Check out the fair's website to find out the schedule. This festival is open to the public every weekend from August to October. You can also visit during the local apple-picking season. Although it's a popular event, it can be crowded, so plan to allow several hours to spend exploring. However, the earlier you go, the less crowded the Faire will be.

The Faire is open to the public, and admission costs $35 per adult and $18 for children ages 5 to 12. Children under four get in free. Tickets include live music and activities. Guests are encouraged to dress up as a medieval character, or rent costumes if they don't have their own. Visitors should wear comfortable shoes and wear sunblock while at the fair.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

From early-August to early-October, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire takes place on the grounds of the Mount Hope Estate in Manheim, Pennsylvania. The estate was once a working vineyard, but it was remodeled in 1980 and now is the site of this annual event. The Faire combines history, art, and culture to create a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

This 35-acre (140,000-square-foot) village features jousting knights, musicians, magicians, and other characters from Merrie Olde England. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The Faire began in 2000 as a two-day jousting festival that was meant to attract people to the winery. In the summer of 2007, the event added a pub called the Swashbuckler Brew Pub and a winery to its lineup of entertainment.

Food and drink are abundant at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Roasted corn and Smoked Turkey Legs are popular favorites, but there's also a wide range of other options. Other foods to try include steak on a stick, assorted cheeses, cheese steak sandwiches, jerky, funnel cake, and more. Most of the food is portable and best enjoyed on the go, although there are some places that offer sit-down dining, but lines can get long.

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, located in West Newton, Pennsylvania, will celebrate its 27th season next year. The annual event will feature six stages and 20 acres of fairgrounds. Last year's festival grounds was attended by over 55,000 people. The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is free to attend and is the largest Renaissance fair in North America.

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is open six weekends during the late summer months. The event features a variety of live shows, jousting tournaments, and comedic swordsmen. The event also includes shopping, food, games, and other attractions. While you're at the festival, you can even participate in live demonstrations of glassblowing and pottery.

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is a day full of fun and excitement. From three armored jousts to knighting ceremonies, the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival will entertain you with nonstop entertainment. The festival features performances from The Washing Well Wenches and the Squire of the Wire. There's also circus entertainment, including acrobats and aerialists. There are also several stages featuring comedy, including The Thunders Power Show and Rose and Thorny, who sing original bawdy songs.

The Medieval Fair of Norman takes place every year in Norman, Oklahoma. This living history fair features educational exhibits, arts and crafts, food, games, and entertainment. Entertainment includes dancing, jousting knights, and theatrical reenactments. Vendors can also sell their wares. The event is similar to historical renaissance fairs.

This event is free to attend. In fact, it is one of the few free festivals in the United States. It takes place in early April, and is sponsored by various organizations. It features a medieval court with knights, jesters, and royalty, and displays authentic costumes, language, and mannerisms, a daily costume contest takes place also on themed weekends, you will have a great experiencie with a season pass for this exciting entertainment, reenactments of an european village , pub crawls with some memorable character, an evening entertainment and a great experience of history.

If you're looking for a fun family day out in the summer, look no further than the annual Valhalla Renaissance Faire. Set in the woods of Camp Richardson, the Faire features actors and performers who portray life in Elizabethan England. Visitors are encouraged to dress up for the occasion, and there are several booths where you can rent period clothing. You can also view archery tournaments, jousting, and other activities meant to evoke the period, all to reenact a 16th century Village streets.

The event attracts more than 8,000 people each year, and it features medieval crafts, games, theater, and entertainment from the 16th century. There are also many opportunities for the whole family to participate in the activities and enjoy the food like you are in an english village, you will have an awesome weekend, with actual jousts and you will be able to see an ancient craft and handmade wares, makes the best family entertainment.

Among the highlights of the Fair are jousting knights, medieval crafts, and a wide range of entertainment. The fair also offers a petting zoo and puppet shows for younger children. There are more than 125 performances every day. For a family outing, the fair offers many different attractions, so a weekend will definitely be filled with fun.


For younger Renaissance enthusiasts, the Bristol Renaissance Faire may be a great place to start their historical costume collection. Since the Faire is a traditional one, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that won't restrict movement. You will also want to wear something comfortable that wicks away moisture. And remember that costumes should be comfortable enough for you to take pictures in. If you're worried about wearing the wrong type of costume, the Faire offers a costume FAQ that answers many questions.

The Atmosphere of a Renaissance Faire is enchanting and exciting. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the activities and shopping. In addition to the costumes, you can purchase authentic weapons and other items, such as jewelry and accessories. If you're bringing small children, make sure they are supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older.

Washington County Fairgrounds, Springdage, AR (50 590-9386 Big Bear City Renaissance Fair August - (WO) 10 a.m. Felicita Park, 742 Clarence Ln. It reveals the personal side of these knights by following the individuals who made them great, and helped them survive when kings and the church turned against them. They are real people and fascinating adventures between men and women, combat and court, minor children and noble families given to us by the Knights Templar.

February — (WO) 10 a.m. Science and Industry Museum, 11315 46th St. North, Tampa, FL (81 983-0111 Maryland Renaissance Festival Minnesota Renaissance Festival Barataria Faire November — 10 a.m. At Springfield Square, MO (41 894-0354 OHIO Great Lakes Medieval Faire Renaissance by the Sea August - 10 a.m.

Harbor Boardwalk, Lower Harbor Rd, Brookings, OR (54 469-9522 Shakespeare and Friends, A Renaissance Faire June - 10 a.m., Crockett and Rogers St. Stuarts Draft Park, VA (540) 337-6324 All the latest information on Renaissance fairs and festival goers in the United States can be found on this page, along with links that will take you where you want to go. For events around the world, go to Medieval Fairs and Festival day. Share it and increase everyone's jealousy factor with your great costume, fun moments, or magical moments you captured.


If you don't want to show your real name with the image, make up a good medieval one and send it. Medieval Crusades and Knights Templar Some of the most fascinating people and events of the Middle Ages were involved with the Knights Templar. The Secret Jury book now tells its intriguing story in more detail than you've ever seen before. Society for Creative Anachronism This society is active all year round with medieval events in disguise that include parties, revelry and tournaments.

These realms cover the whole world, so wherever you live there are events near you. And you don't need to be a member to go to the events. See more about society here. Walk through the gates of beautiful Warwick and you will soon find yourself welcomed by the city's jubilant citizens, who will warmly welcome you as one of their own.

Known as Sir Knight Sanford, I have been going to the Renaissance Fair for more than twenty years. This was my first time visiting the New York Renaissance Fair and, without a doubt, it was a fun experience. My then-4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, her father and I took the picturesque 45-minute drive from upper Manhattan to see what the Renaissance Fair is all about. All the latest information about Renaissance fairs and festivals in the United States can be found on this page, along with links that will take you where you want to go.

Connecticut Renaissance Fair “King Arthur's Fall Harvest Fair” September-October — (WO% 26 Columb. The Escondido Renaissance Fair and Shakespeare in the Park —Fall October-November — (WO) 10 a.m. The New York Renaissance Fair was an incredible opportunity to experience a day of family fun, full of magical and entertaining creatures and costumes, as well as delicious food  and drinks like craft brews everywhere. Since 1980, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair has been building magical, interactive environments that create unique and entertaining experiences.