Who owns ny renaissance faire?

In 1996, Barbara Hope and Donald Gaiti, Renaissance Entertainment Corp. acquired Creative Faires Ltd. The fair is the fifth to be owned by the corporation. Since taking over the Festival, Doug Waterbury has been involved in a number of legal controversies, including refusing to provide legally required safety inspections for the Festival, as well as numerous allegations of sexual harassment, arrests and lawsuits.

However, the attraction's owner, Doug Waterbury, believes he's exempt from getting either. Walk through the gates of beautiful Warwick and you will soon find yourself welcomed by the city's jubilant citizens, who will warmly welcome you as one of their own. Alford and the Kilcoynes are trained actors with experience ranging from community to professional theater. Alford, in fact, earned a master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and studied in London before moving to New York to pursue her acting career.

For nine years,  this annual festival the Renaissance Faire has provided her with stable employment without forcing her to quit her day job at a private investment firm in Greenwich, where she oversees payroll and pensions. Doug Waterbury, owner of Oswego and owner of Sterling Renaissance Fair and Santa's Workshop, has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. 


142 vendors

If you're in the mood for a day of fun and shopping, visit the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, New York off State Route 17A. The fair is celebrating its 45th season in 2022 and is located on 65 acres of grounds with 20 stages, more than 100 shops, and permanent structures.

The Faire generates its revenues from several sources. These include gate admissions, beverage concession sales, and vendor fees. It also accepts deposits from craft vendors, which carry over as unearned revenue until applied to fees charged to vendors. During the fair, the event is open rain or shine. Poor weather can substantially lower attendance and reduce revenues. Current and past themes include Family Appreciation Weekend (discount tickets for families).

Seasonality of the Renaissance Festival

The seasonality of New York Renaissance Faires is not a problem as long as the Faires are operated during the summer months. However, adverse weather can negatively affect the revenue of the Faires if they are not operated during the winter season. This can be offset by the presence of the Sterling Forest Ski Center in New York.

The New York Renaissance Faire is an outdoor event that is scheduled for weekends in August and September. However, because it is held outdoors, there are often connectivity problems. Therefore, it is important to print or save your ticket to your phone to speed up the process of entering the Faire, price bay vary, the sooner you book the more affodable prices you will get . It is also important to plan a day or two in advance to avoid the crowds.


The costs of a Renaissance Faire are significant, especially if you plan to sell food and drink. A fair's food service expenses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, many jurisdictions require a license to serve alcohol. Fortunately, there are ways to cut your costs without sacrificing quality. In this article, we'll examine some of the most common expenses associated with operating a fair.

A major disadvantage of the Renaissance Faire is that it doesn't have trademark or service mark protection. As a result, it's vulnerable to competition from other entertainment events. Moreover, Renaissance Faires are typically outdoor events, so they have to be carefully scheduled to avoid inclement weather. In addition, there are often other, smaller, Renaissance Faires in each of the towns and cities where they are held

Legal controversies

In September 2018, the New York Renaissance Faire was the subject of a report from News 12 that focused on allegations of sexual harassment. According to the report, the company that owns and operates the event has agreed to pay a $10,000 settlement to the state and implement anti-harassment policies. It has also promised to improve its employee training and provide multiple reporting options. The fair is located on 65 acres leased from Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, New York.

The issue of weather is a key issue. Although most Renaissance Faires are open rain or shine, severe weather can severely impact attendance and revenues. Faires are scheduled substantially in advance of the event, so bad weather can greatly decrease attendance and cut into revenues.


The New York Renaissance Faire is an annual Renaissance-themed festival inside a theme park. One of the best summer fairs is held on 65 acres in Tuxedo, New York, off State Route 17A. The event is celebrating its 45th season in 2022. The fair includes twenty stages and more than 100 shops an amazin 30 person cast with an amazing leadership team that works really hard to have the facilities in the best condition, an amazing reenactment of everyday life in a 16th century Village, knight joustings in a jousting field, period costumes. It is accessible for all ages.

In the summer of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the regular season.

Located in Orange County, the New York Renaissance Faire makes for a quick day trip—just over an hour from Midtown Manhattan and even closer for Westchester and Northern New Jersey families.

The performers have a parade through the Festival grounds twice a day, and the Festival ends each night with a pub sing where everyone is welcome to join in. The jousting field is at the bottom of the west-facing hillside.

The New York Renaissance Faire is accessible to people of all abilities. The event runs on weekends from August to October. The festival also falls during apple picking season in the local area. Because of the event's popularity, the Faire is usually crowded, so plan to spend a couple of hours at the event. Early arrivals will help avoid the crowds for this fantasy weekend.

Food and drink

The New York Renaissance Faire is a large medieval-themed fair located in Tuxedo, part of themed weekends in New York, one of the best fun experience just off State Route 17A. Located on 65 acres, the Faire has permanent structures and more than 100 shops. Visitors can enjoy a variety of rides, shows, and food and drink options for all families.

Food and drink at the Faire is abundant, from traditional Faire fare to vegan and vegetarian fare. Be sure to try the freshly made donuts. This is a great way of spending summers.